…so much for not getting distracted from practicing.

based on this bc it’s glorious and there’s probably a lot more to follow since i like to doodle stupid comics in class instead of paying attention uwu 

so ye katrina i got the hint >u>

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i figured there’s no reason not to post this so.

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bc this


nd because katrina nd i’ve been talking about this au for literally months and i couldn’t not draw more stuff based on it :DD 

((there’s more of this au uwu))

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there’s a lot of fun to being a vampire but some things just suck (haha)

((more dumb comics of this au uwu))

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ugh let’s go inside before it stops raining do i have to give you that burning in hell for eternity talk again??

i don’t have that much to say on this except that i now have an entire freaking list with all the comics i’ve doodled and still plan on doodling for this au, in order and everything what am i even doing anymore otl

↳ more comics of taemin the whimpy vamp from katrina’s jongtae au where uwu 

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…yeahh this is what i do in school.

all the comics are on the backside of worksheets without fail it’s like a tradition by now lmao

as for the second pic…  we had a free period in chemistry and this just happened 8D the whole blackboard is full of the creativity of my class, and that was my contribution \o/ ((the “sekai is love” plus jong’s text on the 3rd panel are my friend’s work :DD))

you can count this to the storyline i guess uwu protip taem didn’t bite him and jong’s absolutely not worrying about his near future or anything..

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kid u need to drINK
or you’ll shrivel.. nd wither… and dIE without blood.

like how a tree… shrivels.. nd withers…. nd diEs… without….. water

do you  u n d e r s t a n d

((there are more comics of katrina’s jongtae vamp au where uwu))

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do u wanna go to the actual plant store now or keep cuddling ur tree instead

↳ more comics of taemin the plant-loving vamp from katrina’s jongtae au where uwu 

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who the fuck even wants to be a vampire all it does it fucking suck.

yes hello i’m back with another comic of the vamp au \o/

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more adventures of taem the noob vamp and his companion jong (based on katrina’s vamp au where uwu)

((click to enlarge))

introducing kibum yes hello

and no, taem still refuses to drink blood, especially from someone who insults Oaky >_>

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to be continued………

more from dracula oppa not quite the way jonghyun had imagined it (based on katrina’s vamp au where uwu)

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so far there’s been 9 more episodes of katrina’s vamp au where and this probably makes a lot more sense if you’ve read at least the latest one before this :DD

jfc. i have so much to say about this but i’ll try to keep it short otl fIRST oF ALL this was even more of a partner effort than the other comics of this collab were bc i was screen-sharing w katrina almost the whole time nd she helped me w new ideas nd corrections nd suggestions nd all that so !!!!! snuggles nd kissies to katrina pls!!! uwu

secondly yes obviously this is a different style than the rest of the au lmao nd i’m not gonna do so much detail for a comic anytime soon again ((the eFf oR T)) buut for this one i thought it fit better so c:

oh and heyy it’s not like this is already ridiculously long or anything i should add a bonus shouldn’t i????



i should uwu closeups my friends, bc detail is important \o/ 
it’s the door on the 3rd page nd the lil bandaids jong paps on kibum’s neck huehueh

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……yeaaahh it’s sunday nd i didnt have shit to do, so.

more adventures of kibum the human can be found here ((but actually they’re mostly adventures of taem the noob vamp nd his companion jong, based on katrina’s vamp au where :DD))

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like what a rude fucking hedgehog it’s not like everyone can just make fun of this nerd that’s mY jo b nd pri vil e ge >___>

i have made a jongtae vamp au where masterlist uwu

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bonus time uwu


jong do u even kno how scary taem can get if u steal his plants with the intention to abuse their power on top smh

jongtae vamp au where masterlist uwu

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